Why Write About Your Story

Because writing about you reveals how unique you are

It can help you honor where you’ve come from, understand where you are now… and give you hints of what is still to come

True Story Central is a place for writing up a storm. C’mon, you know you’ve been wanting to. 

Join me, Lindsey Dawson, in recalling key moments of your life in ways that are engaging, satisfying and fun. How precious is that!

True Story Central is for everyone who yearns to be less ordinary, not just one of the crowd.  I think you’re already a star – and writing about your life and your passions will help you know it.

Life’s an ongoing story for everyone – and the lead roles in our dramas are ours. No matter who we are, we’ve all got story lines forming, unfolding and resolving every day.

Now some people might say that writing about your life is a tad vain or self-centred. Hush now – especially if one of those critical voices is yours. Check the video for reasons why making a date to write about your and your deep, true thoughts can do you a heap of good.