Winging it through chemo

I'm at the chemotherapy halfway point. Yay! Worst over, or so they say. Frankly, I was pretty nervous at the start of the first nine weeks. Chiefly because I made the mistake of reading in a magazine about how terrible chemo is. Doctors had told me the main downside would be fatigue because there are drugs to help with nausea and other side effects. But one poor patient wrote an article about … [Read more...]

Careful what you wish for

‘Total hair loss’ said the oncologist. Oh. Okay then. Price to pay to having chemo to keep you cancer-free once they’ve whipped the offending tumour out of your boob. But really? No hair at all? How very uncool. Hair is pretty vital to a woman’s sense of self. It’s same for guys too, of course, but there are so many voluntarily bald hip young men out there that hair seems not quite so … [Read more...]

Going bald, need a wig!

The time comes, when you begin chemo for breast cancer, that you're going to go bald as a badger. A silly little phrase that, given that badgers are pretty all-over hairy, though there's a funny little explanation here   about how poor little captive badgers used to have their bum hairs plucked to make shaving brushes for Victorian gentlemen. But anyway, soon, I'm told, I shall have complete … [Read more...]

Signs and portents

Strange ironies attended the arrival of breast cancer in my life. Only a couple of weeks before I felt the lump,  I'd written a 100-word paragraph for a magazine that had requested a crisp opinion from me about whether my best days were over. I know, I know, what sort of question is that? But the idea was for me to cheerfully resist that notion. So I rattled on about how I aim to go well into my … [Read more...]

A Mickey Mouse kind of tumour

My least favourite word as 2015 came to an end was ‘mass’. Especially when prefixed by ‘suspicious’. The sonographer frowned as she peered at the screen behind my head and spoke those words out loud. ‘Is this what you expected?’ she asked. What kind of question is this? You feel a weird kind of lumpy bump thing in your breast and go so see your GP and she says, "Why don't you drop into the … [Read more...]