About Lindsey Dawson

My story and my books

I love good stories. I write my own and also love teaching others about writing memoir and life reflection. It’s about the joy  of grabbing what’s inside you and putting it in words that sing, roar or whisper – whatever gets you going.

The author of nine books ranging from three novels and three self-help titles to a guide to surviving the rollercoaster ride of middle age, I’m a  former editor who founded and ran inspiring magazines for women about real issues and fascinating people.

Having spent years working in magazines, radio and on TV, I love nothing more than gathering around a table – actual or virtual – for story-telling and writing about people’s real lives, perplexities, dramas and triumphs.

The pic shows all heads down at a recent workshop. They all look very serious, but between each writing sprint there’s always a lot of laughter and authentic conversation.

IMG_3181Tucked away inside you is a bunch of heart-swelling, eye-popping, tender and terrific tales that deserve to be recorded, whether for publication or for your eyes only.

I can help you do that.

As for my own truths, I’ve just launched Scarlet & Magenta, a historical novel about sex, scandal and a ‘scarlet woman’. Shortlisted for the New Zealand Heritage Book Awards, it’s a ripping story based on a tragic event revealed in precious old family letters. They are a great treasure. So too are my family, the view from my window, and the fact that I’m alive and well and living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Thanks for dropping by! Note: I’ve not been running classes lately while I’ve been sidelined by cancer treatment but as my energy returns I’ll be back on deck again.