Secrets of writing success

I met a friend for coffee yesterday and we were mulling over what makes some authors super-hot as opposed to merely mildly successful.

‘Look at Ben Sanders,’ she said.

‘Who?’ I said. I don’t read crime fiction much and so wasn’t up with Aucklander Ben’s three crime novels set in New Zealand and his two latest books set in the US.

American Blood has been optioned by Warner Brothers, with Bradley Cooper tagged to star as the hero.

His latest, Marshall’s Law, has reviewers in raptures. “Noir perfection,” said the NZ Herald’s Greg Fleming. Clever young Ben โ€“ only in his mid-20s and already up and already making his mark internationally.

So what’s he doing right?

Obviously (firstly) he can turn out really good books really fast – which publishers love. I once heard a New York literary agent say you’ll only succeed of you can settle on a theme, stick to it, and produce books as regularly as cans of baked beans on a conveyor belt. Sanders has that knack in spades.

Also, he’s been clever enough to get a really good American agent, and to start setting his stories in the States, which is where he’ll find most customers. Sounds easy, but isn’t.

Well done, Mr Sanders.

Here’s his site – I note he is so successful, and must be so busy writing, that he hasn’t bothered to update it for quite some time. Now there’s a definition of success – he’s become so much lauded in other places that his own site’s not that important. ๐Ÿ™‚

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