My new novel is here for you

My new novel Scarlet & Magenta is in good bookstores, but you can order your own autographed copy right here and now.

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Order now by clicking on the Paymate icon above and you’ll soon receive a signed copy plus a bookmark.

It's yours for $35 (with free delivery within New Zealand).

I’m happy to turn up at any community get-together to talk about how Scarlet & Magenta was sparked off by a true story, and to give you an insight into our ancestors’ real lives.

To get a taste of Victorian scandal, gossip and tragedy – and a bunch of household hints! – you can pop into the book's own website.
For speaking enquiries, just email me.

on my mind

Iceland Writers Retreat

When I told people I was going to the Iceland Writers Retreat they mostly looked a) blank or b) puzzled. Why not go somewhere closer? Why Iceland? Why go all that way? Sure, it was a journey, but it was my big treat after getting through cancer last year. My thinking was that I deserved it. … Read More...

The art of playing with weird words

I've just finished this book by Beatriz Williams, a New Yorker who is very good at writing New York tales. But The Wicked City tripped me up a little as it contains some pretty strange language, as in the word 'liketa'. It comes up sometimes in sentences like, 'That's liketa make my head hurt". … Read More...

Farewell, faithful garage

I've been house-hunting lately. Cruising in and out of places in the 'burbs of Auckland, I realised that a way of life is dying. Not in houses, but in garages. When I was a kid, most homes had a garage. It was usually single because families usually had one car. They all had a similar smell. It … Read More...