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My new novel Scarlet & Magenta is in good bookstores, but you can order your own autographed copy right here and now.

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Order now by clicking on the Paymate icon above and you'll soon receive a signed copy, PLUS a bookmark, PLUS a bar of yummy Whittakers Black Doris Plum and Almond chocolate, all wrapped up with red ribbon – the perfect combo for holiday indulgence.

It's yours for $35 (with free delivery within New Zealand).

Meawhile I have a bunch of speaking gigs going on. They are listed at right.

I’m happy to turn up at any community get-together to talk about how Scarlet & Magenta was sparked off by a true story, and to give you an insight into our ancestors’ real lives.

To get a taste of Victorian scandal, gossip and tragedy – and a bunch of household hints! – you can pop into the book's own website.
For speaking enquiries, just email me.

on my mind

On your marks, get set, skate!

Some of best times I had in researching Scarlet & Magenta was finding out what people did for fun and exercise in the 1880s – for instance, "rinking". When I first spotted the word I had no idea what it meant. Didn't take long to discover that in my hometown, Auckland,  people flocked to the … Read More...

Watch your back

In the supermarket about 10 days ago I probably leaned over a few times like this. But the view would not have been so pretty. It was only when I was at the checkout that another woman sidled up behind me and whispered, "Excuse me, but your skirt! Do you know it's rucked up at the back?" Kindly … Read More...

Morse code’s dots-and-dashes magic

Never before have I been asked so often what I like to read. It happens when you publish a book. Media attention follows, and the question they all ask what sort of books you dive into when you're not writing your own. In my case, pretty much anything. I remember learning at school that having … Read More...