My new novel is here
I’m so excited because my new novel Scarlet & Magenta will be in bookstores very soon. You can read much more about my leap into historical fiction (oh, the scandal, gossip and tragedy!) on its own website AND you can order your own autographed copy right here and now.

Pay with Paymate Express

Your order will come to you for $35, postage included, if you live in New Zealand. You’ll receive it by the end of August just after the first of my book-launch events.

I have a bunch of speaking gigs lined up. The first two, in Auckland, are listed at right, with wine, food and good talking guaranteed!

I will be taking my story all over New Zealand in the weeks after that – though not necessarily with wine if it happens to be a daytime gig in a respectable library. I’m happy though to turn up at any community or neighbourhood get-together to talk about how Scarlet & Magenta was sparked off by a true story, and give you an insight into our ancestors’ real lives. They were often much more dramatic than you’d guess from looking at old sepia photos of long-departed 19th century rellies. For enquiries, just email me.

Psst! Want the book on Kindle? It’ll be available on Amazon soon.

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