My new novel is here at last
My new novel Scarlet & Magenta is in bookstores now. You can read much more about my leap into historical fiction (oh, the scandal, gossip and tragedy!) on its own website AND you can order your own autographed copy right here and now.

Pay with Paymate Express

Your order will come to you for $35 postage included (if you live in New Zealand). E-versions will also be coming up very soon.

Meawhile I have a bunch of speaking gigs going on. They are listed at right.

I’m happy to turn up at any community get-together to talk about how Scarlet & Magenta was sparked off by a true story, and give you an insight into our ancestors’ real lives.
For speaking enquiries, just email me.

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Morse code’s dots-and-dashes magic

Never before have I been asked so often what I like to read. It happens when you publish a book. Media attention follows, and the question they all ask what sort of books you dive into when you're not writing your own. In my case, pretty much anything. I remember learning at school that having … Read More...


Where are you going?

It's a question that's been on my mind lately. Nothing like a wrestle with cancer to make you ask questions of the what-the-hell-am-I-here-for sort. I still can't say I know that for sure, but the BBC World Service sure caught my attention with a series of recent half-hour radio shows called … Read More...

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Winging it through chemo

I'm at the chemotherapy halfway point. Yay! Worst over, or so they say. Frankly, I was pretty nervous at the start of the first nine weeks. Chiefly because I made the mistake of reading in a magazine about how terrible chemo is. Doctors had told me the main downside would be fatigue because there … Read More...